Cycle4U Courier Services

Saving Birmingham Time, Money and Emissions

Benefits of Bikes - Saving Time, Money & Emissions

Saving Time - Bypassing the Queues

Unaffected by congestion or roadworks.
Utilising the growing network of bus and cycle routes.
We can park easily, right outside the location.
Cargobikes and trailers can roll through doorways, unloading directly to a stockroom.

Congestion and Gridlock slowing you down?

Incidents within Birmingham can quickly bring cars, vans and other vehicles to a stand-still.
No problem for Cycle4U, our service remains unaffected.

Saving Money through Efficiency

Fleet fuel costs? We prefer sticky flapjacks.
Open source software minimises operational costs
No major downtime for bike servicing.
Almost 100% of our time is spent getting from start to finish
No wasted time finding a place to park or walking to and from a van.
No superfluous warehouses. We want items delivered, not in overnight storage!

We pass these savings onto you.

Our efficient model cuts down on wastage.
With no bloatware, profits go back into providing a better service to our clients.

Saving Emissions

trailer outside mailbox

Transportation pollution can be minimsed by bikes, leading to higher air quality in Birmingham.

"Road transport pumps out more than a fifth of UK emissions of carbon dioxide, the main gas causing climate change" Birmingham Friends of the Earth

"In the West Midlands, the most significant source of atmospheric pollution is road traffic. It accounts for 85% of emissions of Nitrogen oxides and 75% of black smoke" - Birmingham City Council Travelwise Pt 1

A Sustainable Service

Our unit power supply is carbon offset, we only use recycled paper.



Delays were increasing costs for 61% of Birmingham businesses in a survey.
42% stated their reputation was being harmed.

A Greener Birmingham

Supporting the Birmingham Mail Cycle City Campaign

ways to work logo
We're a member of Ways2work, a business led, business informed initiative to increase efficiency through better ways of working and travelling.

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We collect and deliver scheduled and ASAP items all around the Birmingham area, being a key link in the regional green economy.

Urgent packages, parcels, contracts, boxes and documents are what we do, day-in, day-out.

Cycle4U can help your organisation to save time, money and emissions.

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