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The Cycle4U FAQ's

How do we calculate carbon savings?

How do we manage when there's snow?

Why don't you deliver in a car or van?

Is Cycle4U a sustainable business?

How do I start my own Cycle based delivery enterprise?

How do we calculate Carbon Savings?

We used data from to calculate an average saving per mile.
Our courier software calculates the distance travelled and adds a multiplier accordingly. For hourly rate services we take an average distance travelled per hour.
This approach has been successfully reviewed by environmental professionals, courier trade peers and independent auditors.

How do you cope in the snow?

We generally use road / single geared bicycles, however in bad weather conditions we revert to our fleet of Specialised Hardrock Sport mountain bikes.
These are normally used exclusively for trailer towing as they are ideal for when extra grip is needed.
Throughout previous winters we have been able to operate our normal service whilst other couriers were struggling with the road conditions.

Why don't you use a car or van?

We'd get stuck in traffic and have to charge more for diesel and Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax).
To confirm this, Steve attempted to do a day of deliveries using a car. He gave up at lunchtime and got the bike out of the boot as it was taking too long to get around.

Business in the Community Award

How is Cycle4U Green?

With a minimal carbon footprint, we make every effort to ensure we are ecologically accountable for all of our operations.

  • Virtually zero emission
  • Following a strategy of reduce, re-use, recycle
  • We minimise paper in our office, only using recycled paper
  • Local ethical suppliers are used wherever possible
  • Encouraging staff to live a sustainable lifestyle
  • An ever increasing demand for our services improves our efficiency!

How do I start my own bike delivery business?

A great starting point is to get in contact with the European Cycle Logistics Federation.
There are regular UK workshops and seminars aimed at those who are thinking about starting up.

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54-57 Allison Street
Digbeth, Birmingham
West Midlands
, B5 5TH
07961 659 273

A Greener Birmingham

Located in the heart of Birmingham

With our main depot based a stones throw from Moor Street railway station in Eastside, we can offer a typical collection time of 10-15 minutes from ordering our services within most of the City Centre.

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We collect and deliver scheduled and ASAP items all around the Birmingham area, being a key link in the regional green economy.

Urgent packages, parcels, contracts, boxes and documents are what we do, day-in, day-out.

Cycle4U can help your organisation to save time, money and emissions.

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